The gals behind Strut


A quietly insane; ultra-creative mom of two; born to be an entrepreneur, who was looking for a great new concept. A native New Yorker and Washingtonian fashionista has dreamed of owning a boutique and "I will NOT let my technology job by day get in the way".  The bright lights of New York's stylish trends has given me an eye for fashion and I am determined to bring city swag to the alluring streets of Washington DC.

"Un-blurring the lines between uptown chic and DC's urban sleek"


A Southern Virginia Native didn't always have access to fashion forward clothing such as New York and Los Angeles, "had to work with what I had". My dreams of owning a boutique grew after relocating to DC where fashion and style meet up with humph. After years of living in the middle of a fashion district it increased my desire to cater to customer's fashion demands and to create a concept where we can easily access the hottest trends.

               "A southern chick with a fashionable expression"